“What About Us”, is a song by P!nk on the 2017 album Beautiful Trauma.

I, Nicholas Michael Evans, have a very special connection to the song “What About Us”. I will explain just how I received this special connection to the song “What About Us” by P!nk here in this post.

It was October or November of 2017. I was taking a Lyft to the VA Hospital. I’m a Navy veteran and I had a medical appointment at the VA that afternoon. On the way to the appointment the radio was on. I was sitting in the back right side of the car listening to the music looking out the window when P!nk’s song “What About Us” came on the radio. I was just relaxing enjoying the song with my right arm up on the armrest while I looked out the window.

Just as P!nk sang the line in the song, “We are billions of beautiful hearts” we drove past a sign that said, “Billion Law”. It was at the exact time that P!nk sang the word billions that I saw the sign that said billion!

What are the chances of this happening? Some people might think this is coincidence and just chance. I think it’s more than that. Something like this I don’t believe can be quantified. What do we call something that is beyond chance and beyond coincidence? Is this the way the heavens are communicating with us, or taking part in our lives? Ever so gently saying “I’m here for you”.

I think our Father in heaven wants me to notice P!nk and her music. I write modern philosophy and she is a modern musician. A musician is also a modern philosopher in a way and P!nk’s message to me is peace, love, and a better understanding of the world. Learning to live among one another more peacefully and learning to take care of Earth in an eco-friendlier way.

And that is exactly what PeacePage is all about; peace, love, and a better understanding of the world and ourselves.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans