Scientists say all the space matter in the universe is speeding up as the universe expands instead of coming back together to form the Big Crunch as some scientists have theorized. What is the reason all the matter in space; the stars, planets, space dust is speeding up?

A possible theory is because the space matter is being pulled and this pull is caused by the most enormous black hole in the universe. Maybe that is why all the matter in the universe is speeding up? Because it’s being pulled by the gravitational force of a gigantic black hole. For this theory, the universe looks a lot like a big sphere with all space matter on one side. All the stars and planets and everything else on one side and a black hole on the other side to collect everything.

It’s possible that this gigantic black hole is the thing that makes gravitational force possible. This black hole is so big that it pulls the gravitational forces in the whole universe tight. It would be like when a net is pulled tight on all sides. When the net has an equal amount of tension it will give proper support on all sides. This theory states that the universe is not linear but will after eons of time and light-years of distance, bend, and curve ever so slightly. Currently, we do not notice the curvature of space because we have not traveled fast enough or far enough.

Basically, my theory is the universe is sphere-shaped. The largest most humongous sphere you could ever imagine. On one side all the matter in the universe and on the other a huge black hole the biggest black hole in the universe. Collecting all the planets stars and stardust to be recycled one day in the distant future. With this recycling, the Big Crunch will happen within the collection of the black hole and the Big Bang happens all over again.

Even though all the space matter, stars, planets, and space dust are moving away from each other, they will eventually meet at the same place. The universal black hole. This is because the universe is round, and everything will meet one day at the same black hole. This Universal black hole is so big it can swallow entire stars at one time and even two or more stars at the same time! It is huge!

I think the Universal black hole is important because it is a collection point for everything in the universe. Upon collection of everything trillions and trillions and trillions of years from now, this humongous black hole will even suck in space itself. Everything will get sucked in upon itself and that’s when the Big Crunch will happen.  After the Big Crunch, the Big Bang happens all over again!

This is Nicholas Michael Evans and my theory is called the “Universal Black Hole Collection Rebirth System”. A universe-sized sphere theory. This theory is owned by Nicholas Michael Evans and

I’m not a scientist. I’m not able to test these theories I have come up with. To conceive of this Theory, I have used everything I have read, heard, and seen. I have used a lot of imagination, thinking, and pondering. This is what is known as a thought experiment. Two of the most notable people in history to use thought experiments are Einstein and Galileo.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans


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