You can always have more patience, patience is just one of those things we can always have more and need more of. There are many things which we can always use more of; understanding, caring, generosity, laughter, kindness, reassurance, helping each other out, heart, and love. And there are also many things we should have less of, like anger, hate, and fighting, but the world consists of these negative things as well. There is good and bad in the world. I believe it’s our responsibility to learn about what is important to us. To embrace good things, treat our family and friends with love and take care of one another. I don’t think it’s about being perfect, I mean who’s perfect right? I don’t believe perfection to be necessary for a better world.

I believe freedom is necessary for a more peaceful world, we have to be free.”

Let’s talk about the “heart” of the matter. Your heart, everyone has one, is your guide, your beacon. When doing something, ask yourself, “Is my heart in this”?

For school kids, go to class, do your homework, be nice to the other students and your teachers. Ask yourself, “Is my heart with this good behavior”?

The answer should be yes. Because it makes you feel good to do good and that’s a good thing. But ditching school, misbehaving in class, not getting along with students and teachers. Your heart should not be in line with that. If you ever find yourself struggling with these things, there is always time to get on track. Sometimes there are barriers in our lives that slow us down and these need attention before you can fully get on your road towards progress. These barriers must be addressed first.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans