There are times when what needs to be said is not the belief held by the majority.  It is in these times that what needs to be said is that which no one will say because it’s seen as wrong and we’ve been taught it’s wrong.  We’re taught that it’s wrong to say anything critical of what we’ve been taught.

This is why it’s extremely urgent that we bring to light what is blatantly incorrect within many religions.  Most would not dare speak this way but I will. Because I know what is true and right. I’m speaking about religion. For anyone who is not interested in religion please don’t tune out, because this is important.

We should feel free to be critical of religion, but we should do so in a respectful way.  Religion is beautiful, it just so happens we are a little lost and need some guidance.  When we study religion and learn about religion like we do everything else, we should do so with an open mind.  We must think about what we’ve been taught, and decide for ourselves whether it is right.  We cannot just assume that what we’ve been taught is true, this rule applies to everything, this includes religion.

The problem is some religions will proclaim to have the word of God.  This is a big part of the problem as we do not have the word of God in print.  No book on Earth contains the word of God.  Where is the word of God then you may be wondering?  It is in your heart.  The word of God is in your heart.  This is the truth we all must realize.  We must be free.  Our minds are a big part of being free.  Free your mind, free your world, save your world.

Think about our Earth.  The Earth is not doing so well.  It is our mission to save the Earth.  It’s our responsibility.  You may be thinking, but religion taught me a Saviour will come and save us.  Well, the truth is everyone on Earth is the Saviour of Earth.  All the stories you’ve heard regarding the end of days as we know it on Earth in all religions are not true.  They are a work of fiction written up by somebody somewhere for some reason I don’t want to speculate on.

For whatever their reason, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that we discover the truth.  That we have the sense to realize what we’re doing to our own planet and take action to do something about it.  I’m tired of hearing people ready to give up on the Earth, throw in the towel, and not try to save the Earth.  Why?  Are we lazy?  What happened to goodness, kindness, love, and the things we hold sacred?  When the going gets tough don’t just give up.  I’m putting out the plan now and the plan is we must not give up, we must think of the Earth and do right by our home planet.

We must realize the seeds which were planted by religions around the world are not the seeds of truth.  What is grown from these seeds is counter to what our Earth needs.  We must replace the seeds of lies with the seeds of truth. We must build our future upon a solid foundation.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans