Things are hard. And though difficulty persists and circumstances are ever-changing. Emerging from these hard times there must be an answer, an answer to our earnest call, what is the meaning of life, what is the purpose of life, what’s going on? Can I teach about these topics? I’m asking you. Though I know and will tell you now, “it’s not for me to tell you, you need to figure that out for yourself, your path is your own, although we all need guidance. Much like the soil nurtures and guides a planted seed to the top and continues to nourish the roots below the surface. What we must do, this point is important “deep down, I believe, we all know what to do”. I believe, this very sacred knowledge is a part of us, of our essence. We all have the same mission, to be “peaceful” and take care of the Earth. We all have the spirit and the ability, we just need to heed the call. 

Some things first, God, Goddess, angels, heavens, they are here in spirit. We need to pray and meditate and will know it. It’s like another language that needs to be learned. It’s not difficult to learn, it just requires patience and understanding.

In conclusion, it is my earnest belief, once we learn our most fundamental of life’s lessons, it will be like a weight has been lifted, and our vision has been made clear.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans