The Zero % Carbon Dioxide Emissions Race is a race between nations to see which nation will reach 0% emissions first. Those nations that are the biggest polluters of Carbon Dioxide are of most concern, those nations being the USA, China, Great Britain, among many others. It is of most importance and urgency that the highest polluters of Carbon Dioxide adapt to a new lower Carbon emitting policy and one day a 0% policy. The first major nation to reach 0% Carbon Dioxide emission wins! What will they win? Bragging rights! Isn’t that enough? This race is similar to the space race, the space race was exploring our galaxy. In the 0% Carbon Dioxide Emissions race, we are racing to save our home, which gives us the ability to explore. In the space race, higher technology increased tremendously. In the 0% Carbon Dioxide race, I believe that technology will also increase, but instead of using this for space travel, this technology will be for keeping our environment clean and adapting to new, cleaner sources of renewable energy.

Scientists say there is a blanket of Carbon Dioxide covering the earth, causing the global temperature to rise. The only way to reduce this blanket of Carbon Dioxide is to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions. I hope that one day the world will be at 0% Carbon Dioxide emissions and that the Earth can be clean once again.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans
Edited by Brittany Lee Marshall