Within religious texts and within many texts, the word of God may be found. However, the true word of God is ultimately within all of us–within our hearts. Therefore, in ancient times, the word of God was also within the hearts of the ancient people. And so, I believe some ancient religious books may contain very close—maybe even exactly—what God wants for us. It is only when we convey a peaceful message within ancient books, religious books, or any book, that we are closest in line with God’s real message for us. I believe God and Goddess want everyone on Earth to learn to live together peacefully and learn to take care of the Earth.

Also, we must remember that the theory of the correct attitude to have when traveling the journey of life states that we must have open-mindedness with discernment as well as an open heart ready to give and receive love.

I believe we are still learning the language of the heavens. We are learning the language of God and Goddess. It is a very gentle, peaceful language, full of love and caring. Let me say this: If we, the people of Earth, truly knew and understood what God and Goddess wanted for us, would the Earth be in the current state that it is in? Currently, we are not living among each other peacefully; the Earth is not healthy, she’s very badly polluted. This, to me, signifies that we have not received what the heavenly message for us is yet. We are learning and growing, learning what our purpose on earth is. And just like a seed is planted in the Earth, it needs time to grow. We are also much like a seed that has been planted. We need time to grow, and patience and understanding.

I feel there is something important that must be addressed here. Which religion contains the word of God? The answer is simple: all of them. Because if the words are peaceful and are full of loving and goodness, complete with all those things sacred to all human beings, then those words are most definitely godly.

Like I have said, we are all blessed with a spirit and so we all have the word of God within our hearts. Also, we all have the same mission to restore the Earth and to restore humanity on Earth.

This is both very simple and intricately complicated. Sometimes the truest answer is the simplest. The attitude we must have when beginning the journey is one of complete open-mindedness paired with discernment. And so, we must use our decision-making process in life and in everything, even in all religious texts.

If this is true in regard to religious texts, as I believe it is, then it is not our task to decide if a text contains the word of God, but instead to decide if the words we’ve read are in line with what God wants for us. Think about it, pray about it, check in with your heart. Decide if this is what God and Goddess wants for us. If the text is regarding peace, love, and stewardship of the Earth, then these qualities are in line with God and Goddess, and therefore, I believe, they are something God would say. This is why we have been given a brain and a mind to grapple with the subject. But it seems when it comes to religious books, our brains turn off. Why is this? We need to develop our decision-making skills, as this is our calling.

Thank you and God bless you.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans