I want you to think about the human ear. How marvelous and delicate this sense is. The ear canal, eardrum, and other tiny parts make up your ears which allow us to hear all the wonderful sounds in this world. Thanks be to God!

And now let’s think about your eyes and how wonderful they are giving us something so wonderful as the ability to see all the hues and colors in the world. Thanks are to God.

And our sense of smell, how wonderful it is to admire the fragrance of a red rose, or wake up to the scent of freshly brewed coffee in your home.

Also, the sense of taste, with our tongues, you can taste a variety of foods, from salty to sweet, to spicy, your sense of taste is wonderful, the sense of taste is truly a gift from God.

The sense of touch, the sensation of feeling, this is important for many things. It allows for us to hug, and feel the breadth of the embrace and feel the love. Thanks are to God.

These are the five senses. How wonderful to be able to enjoy our senses in such a beautiful world.

We are special. Each and every one of us is special and has something unique to offer the world. One thing that makes the world so wonderful is the diversity within our world. The differences from place to place from person to person is a blessing. We should be thankful that not everyone is exactly like you or exactly like anyone else. Everyone is their own special unique person and to me, that’s the way it ought to be.

I know there are problems. It’s May 14th, 2020 we’re right in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic the polar ice caps are steadily melting raising the sea level to dangerous levels and the world has still not learned to live peacefully with one another.

Don’t lose heart. Where there is a problem there is a solution. The Earth is having a hard time right now but I believe the Earth can heal herself but we need to make that possible. Let’s think about the Earth and what she needs. Let’s keep lowering our carbon footprint to low low low CO2 levels, replant trees in the world, be nice, be kind, and be helpful with one another. We’re all in this together.

“Always willing to love, always willing to learn, always willing to do what is right, and follow my heart earnestly.”

~ Nicholas Michael Evans