I have something which needs to be said and my meaning is best understood in a story. Here is the story “Ships and Sailing”.

What is our purpose on Earth? I do not believe we have arrived at exactly what our purpose on earth is. The truth has yet to be discovered. The truth, as to our true purpose on Earth I believe, is simple, uncomplicated, easy to understand. All is required is careful prayer and meditation. Here goes the story.

Imagine you are about to embark on a voyage on board a sailing ship, an old-fashioned wooden ship with sails. This ship has three sails and uses only the wind to propel through the water. You are hired as a deckhand and a sailor.

There are nine crew members plus yourself and the captain going on this trip, so the captain plus ten crew members make eleven going on this trip.

You are embarking on a voyage to new lands and new seas. Looking out towards the ocean you can feel the breadth of its magnificence. You feel the wind caress your face as it fills the sails pushing the ship onward. You really are enjoying sailing and then the captain gathers the crew.

I have an announcement to make, I will be handling all sailing duties on my own. I will make an announcement once we’ve arrived. Thank you.

You think to yourself wow the captain is going to handle everything himself? He’s going to raise and lower the mast, navigate, do repair and maintenance to the ship, raise and lower the anchor, do everything onboard the ship himself?

But that is exactly what he said.

In a few days, the ship arrived. Land ho! We’ve arrived at our destination.

There is something to note here. The crew did not help in sailing the ship. The crew learned nothing about sailing. The captain in this story is God. The crew is us, the people of Earth. I’m trying to make a comparison of our current situation to this story.

If God were to come down from heaven and fix everything here for us. What would we learn? Nothing, we would learn nothing. I do not believe that is our purpose. As I see it we are not meant to just sit and wait for God, goddesses, and the angels of the heavens to fix things for us. We are meant to do it ourselves with the guidance of the heavens but saving the planet is our job, our mission, and our purpose. We are not meant to push God and goddess’s hands, that is not our mission.

I believe our mission is to advance, understand what we need to do to stop global warming, heal the planet, end war and hunger, and set ourselves up for a world that is not only surviving but thriving. The truth is not found in any book in all the world. The truth is not within any theology, philosophy, or any book of any kind. Well if the truth is not found within any book within any print of any kind where then is the truth? The truth is found within our hearts. That is how we are able to communicate with the heavens and have a connection. It is like our hearts must be calibrated to be able to have a connection with the heavens. We calibrate this heart of ours with prayer and meditation.

This is the truth, as I believe it to be. In the simplest way of stating it; reviving our planet is our job. It always has been. That is the truth. Who then is the savior? All of us are all the savior. Who are the sons and daughters of God and goddess? Everyone! If you are a man on this Earth You are a son of God and Goddess if you are a woman on this Earth You are a daughter of God and Goddess.  So I believe we are all children of the heavens.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans