We should save the planet, in all ways, stop using oil-based fuels, go 100% renewable energy, learn to be better humans around the world, harmonious, everlasting world peace. I believe it is our job to do all these things. But there is a problem with this equation. Many religious beliefs are as such that the world ends terribly, very badly, and God comes down from heaven and fixes everything and magically the earth is a nice renewed planet again.

Let’s consider a few things here, in this entire story where are the humans? They’re on the sidelines while their earth crumbles and falls apart and ends. Really sad and depressing. Nowhere in the story did the humans say, “yeah we got this,” and get it done. Maybe the humans in this story were really lazy? In any case, this is the best story we could come up with? Why can’t we have a story where the “people” of earth renew the planet and learn to live in peace? With, God, Goddess, the angels guidance. Where is that story? It’s not there. No religion I’ve studied has an end of days prediction where the humans save the planet. What happened? At what point did we give up on ourselves? And we are told by religions that these predictions are the word of God, there is a simple reason why I think some religions said, falsely as I believe, that their book is the word of God. Because, if you tell people that you have God’s word a lot more people will believe the story is true, and maybe, wouldn’t care so much if the world ends since the story they’ve read has the world ending. It was always a trick thought of by the religious leaders of the time. How many more followers do you think religion can gain if they tell them they have the word of God. Well, we have seen what happens. A lot of followers are gained. The people have been lied to. We do not have the word of God in print! This is part of the veil that’s been pulled over our eyes and now we’re having trouble seeing clearly. We must take the veil from off our eyes to seeing clear once again.

Let me tell you what I believe, that we do not now nor have we ever had in our possession the word of God. That said I believe that the real word of God does exist somewhere, but it can’t be seen, it’s within our hearts. I further believe it to be our job to learn this sort of “higher” communication through careful prayer and meditation.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans