Today is March 26th, 2020, and the world is being infected by the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

I live in Los Angeles, California. We are not officially under quarantine even though it feels very much like one. here at this time but are recommended not to come closer than six feet from one another, and not to get into groups larger than 10 people. We are strongly urged to stay home except for necessary travels, shopping or hospital visits. The city gives you an eerie feeling these days. The mall across the street which once was bustling with activity is now silent. The movie theater is closed, as are all the other shops, closed. People are at home, home with their families, at home with their loved ones. One positive effect of this illness is that people are together, at home, figuring this out together. We often hear that we need to take it down a notch and slow down. In this fast-paced world that can be hard to do. During this pandemic, we have no choice. We need to figure this out together. There have been other pandemics throughout history from the Middle Ages until today. And many of them started from contact with animals.

It’s been reported that the Coronavirus of 2020 originated in Wuhan, China from coming into contact with live animals. It was reported that the animal which caused the infection may have been a bat.


As reported, either people directly consumed a bat, or a bat infected another animal such as a chicken, which then, in turn, infected a human. However, I have heard that the infection may have come from a Pangolin. Pangolins are on the endangered species list. But still, they are being consumed in China and Vietnam and their scales are being used for medicine. I am not sure exactly how the infection first occurred. We are however fairly certain it originated from an animal and that the infection started from eating a bat, Pangolin, or both.

In Chinese culture, anything can be considered food. Even a Pangolin which is endangered. Or a bat. There’s a long tradition in China that anything can be considered food and is okay to eat. I don’t think this is true. I think that mother nature is getting back at us by giving us an illness because we ate one of her sacred creatures. Someone in China ate a bat or a Pangolin or both and got sick, and then, in turn, infected the world. Not everything is okay to eat! This is what I believe.

Let’s look at this from a philosophical standpoint. It’s my belief that not everything on Earth is meant for eating. I believe that bats and pangolins are not meant for eating. It’s as if we humans broke a sacred rule by eating a bat. And now nature is teaching us a lesson. showing us don’t eat bats. And if you do you get Coronavirus. It’s like humans polluting the Earth. Pump too much CO2 into the air, warms the planet, and icebergs melt at an unprecedented rate. You get what scientists call global warming.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans