In religious practices and studies, I’ve noticed a growing problem that must be addressed. And the issue I see is not unique to any one religion but is a shared belief among many. The problem I see is the ” end of days theory”. This is the belief, some wedge those in religious practices have, That we as a species, “the humans” will continue to fight to make war. Those things will get worse. So bad, in fact, that the world that is going to end. Then as the story depicts God comes down from heaven to save everyone. And restore the Earth. And we are saved.

Interesting story, but far from the truth. The way. Our real mission. Our real purpose.

Number one. These end-of-days theories are not the word of God.

I understand there are some that believe. The end of days theories that some religions have put out is the word of God. Let me explain why I see that as a problem. “Because If you believe the world is going to end because you believe God said the world would end.” Would you care if things got worse?” Would you care too much about the world? Or if things got worse in the world would some people think that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Because that is what they have been told. My theory is that we shouldn’t allow the Earth to end. It is our mission to save the Earth. The stories we have been told are false. They are simply works of fiction. We need to have faith that the stories we have been told are not true. Follow our hearts. For within our hearts is the true word of God.

” It’s not our job to push God’s hand.”

I mean to say it’s not our job to tell God what to do. Or to predict what he will do. That’s not our job. I believe it’s our job to follow our mission. The true mission. The true path we need to walk. I believe we are not at the “end of days”. But it was rather at the beginning of days! These are the days we will finally understand what we need to do. Our purpose here on planet Earth. And turn our attention to life, our families, our friends, and towards the Earth which have given us life since the beginning of time! Listen as we the entirety of Earth god and goddesses people begin waking up Removing the Veil over their eyes So we can see clearly. Do so in a mature manner in a responsible manner. When you open your eyes to see more clearly you will see more of what is going on. That is just what happens. It’s meant to be. This widespread realization. And it’s wonderful. ! Let’s be happy about that. We can let go of all this excess baggage. These fictional claims and move on. Move on to our mission. Move on to rekindling family and friend relationships. I’m excited! We’re becoming the people we were always meant to be. I love being kind, I love more gentle people.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans