I want to talk about the Earth and our survival. In my years I have asked many people young and old their thoughts on whether this world would make it, will we survive, and what the future holds for us. The responses that I’ve received show that people do not believe the Earth is going to make it. This is not the consensus but a viewpoint held by some.

Why have some people lost faith? I have some theories. Maybe because of what is obvious and that is the negative outlook we seem to have. I believe this negative outlook originates from our own teachings. Not all the teachings mind you but definitely some. I’m talking about all the end of the world theories that are purported to be false to the word of God. At these end of days theories, humankind ends up destroying themselves. Gee thanks to the old Riders of some religions. Didn’t you have any confidence in humans? You were willing to throw in the towel that quick? Well, I’m not willing to give up on us. So, what I’m saying here is that some religions have said that the world will end due to our as humans’ inability to get along due to our finding between each other. and many people believe this is true because some religions tell people these false future predictions are the word of God. The religious future predictions are not the word of God.

Some people believe what they have been told. This means that some people believe the world is going to end. Is it because some people think the world is going to end some people don’t care if the world gets better? Are we that gullible? We are confident and willing to do what is right. We must learn to think positively. We have every reason in the world to succeed, we need to believe we can succeed. Believe in oneself because we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it. We must let go of those reasons we have purported to be reasons for not succeeding and hold on to those reasons to succeed. Because those reasons to see are so much more precious and dear to our hearts than any reason that we believe of not succeeding. And so there’s really no reason to not succeed here.

We must not be so enthralled with what went wrong or what is going wrong or thinking that there is nothing we can do and just simply give up. We have too much to live for and too much depending on us. Let’s not throw in the towel but let’s do what it is we know we can do and that saves this Earth. We must remember what is going right in this world. Because that is the basis of positivity and what we need right now is a positive outlook.

My feelings on religion can be looked at like this. What religion believes may have happened thousands of years ago is fine. It does not affect us today. What religions believe will happen in the future I do have a problem with because that does septic me everyone else on Earth and Future Generations. I say it’s time for the human species to think logically with good judgment and positively. I believe that is what our God, goddess, the heavens above us want. This is part of our learning of our growth, our spiritual growth. Then this is the time this is the place. I guess sometimes you have to get it wrong to get it right. Well, the human population has been getting it wrong for a long time now. Isn’t it about time we get it right? Not only for us but for our kids and future generations.

There is nothing wrong with religion, it’s the way we view and use religion. Religion takes care of people with charities and different philanthropies of many kinds. That said we must learn to have good judgment on the things we are taught including religion. It’s important for our future. This is an exciting time. This is a Time for true spiritual growth and guidance.

I believe it’s time to talk about religion freely in an open forum.

My view on religion is exactly this:

Religions and the religious books that are taught are philosophies stories tall tales. And a big part of human growth and development is realizing that none of the books within any religion on Earth is the word of God. So, you may be wondering if the word of God does not exist in any book within any text within any religion anywhere on Earth then where is go forward of God? The answer to this question is simple, the word of God is within your heart. It’s like another kind of language. One without words like a Feeling. Patient kind and true. I believe we learn about this celestial language through careful prayer and meditation. I’m learning about the importance of goodness and positivity in the world.

We must be brave and courageous the Earth is depending on us to restore the planet back to health.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans