I think it’s Human Nature to want to know how life began. We want to expand our knowledge way back Wayback all the way to the beginning of time. And where we came from. How this thing called life came to be. Now I’m not saying we’re never going to know these things. Maybe we will? Because I believe in the continuance of existence Beyond this life. What is beyond this life I don’t know. And how we came to be I don’t know.

But I do know what’s going on now. And for our existence right now I want to say this; we don’t need to know what happened at the beginning of time to know where we’re going or more precisely what we need to do now. All things happen in due time. We push science and say hey science gives us the answers. Tell us how life began? And science answers back there’s a thick blanket of carbon dioxide warming the Earth to the point of melting polar ice caps exceedingly fast. We answer back science, maybe there’s another Earth-like planet we can go to? Science answers back but we haven’t found anything solid quite yet. And the sign says still global temperatures are increasingly on the rise. As water levels go higher and higher.

When will we see this is our time! This is our time to heal the planet! It is our mission to heal the planet. Everyone on Earth, this is our mission. We must all get on the same page. We must all realize the time this is the time. It’s our duty, our responsibility. After all of the resources, we have extracted pulled and plundered we owe it to the Earth. This is not my mission to give out. This mission is given to you by God.

I’m just somebody relaying the message. A messenger. This mission was given to you from birth from the beginning of your time of our time don’t mess this up. The Winds of Change are upon us and we all must ready our sails and sail our ships into a new day, newfound freedom, a new way of thinking. To know where our hearts will lead us we must first learn to follow our hearts, do not lose heart, be confident we can do this we can heal the Earth but to do so we all must agree. If there is one thing we can agree about I think it’s healing the Earth. I think one thing we will find once we learn to agree about healing the Earth is the newfound spiritual awareness. More than conventional intelligence this spiritual awareness is like a language of the heart. It is so loved as we’ve never known. True and honest and faithful and beautiful. I believe it is where our story truly begins. This is where I believe the truly rave and the truly courageous Step Up. They step up to good and a new way of life. They step up not with weapons but with beautiful words with love. Together we stand United as one a heart glowing in the Darkness for all to see and for all to be revealed.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans