Have we all been hardwired to believe the end is near?

We have been told this “End of Days” story for thousands of years. And after so long number one, people start to believe it. And number two, we start to think that is the only way and that this end of day’s story is the word of God. All of which is false! The end of day’s stories are completely false and untrue. It’s not our job to push God’s hand. Our true path is in taking care of the Earth. We need to change our thinking to be more positive. Instead of destruction weighing us down. Let’s lean towards regrowth and renew the Earth we call home.

It might seem to some like we got to the party late and once we got there we were asked to help clean up. After all, that’s what we are told to do. Help clean up. Recycle don’t be wasteful. Keep down CO2 levels. Clean our parks and beaches. Clean our air, water, and soil. Sounds like a hard job we’ve been given and it definitely is. Cleaning the Earth is only for a few. And those few are everyone! Those alive today are the ones chosen to renew this Earth back to health. 100% health. To me, there is no task nobler than to take care of planet Earth! This is the most important mission ever since the beginning of time! This involves everyone, every country, every person in the whole world. Do you know how you feel after you clean your house? That is how we will all feel multiplied by 1,000! Because if we are successful in this mission we would have saved our home planet! How wonderful would that be?

But we still can’t agree. And the longer it takes for all of us to agree on the health of this planet and take action the worse it will be for all of us. We need to get along and take up this mission of saving the planet! Scientist after scientist after scientist has told us we are running out of time. I believe we can achieve and be successful in this mission to save the planet. The most important mission ever, the one that involves our world.

Dear God, may we be successful and have your love and support throughout this mission. Thank you for everything.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans