For thousands of years, people have been saying the end of the world is coming. And when I think about this negative downtrodden view towards life, I think this can’t be true. I believe this negative outlook is a real downer for our existence! It’s like we’re all walking around with this sad and sorry belief that the end is near.

There are so many activists and scientists out there that want to help make the world a better place, but if people who follow religion believe that the world is going to end soon, are they actually going to care and try to make a difference? Would people who closely follow religious teachings and believe that the end is coming soon care if the world got worse? They might just think that’s the way it’s supposed to be. And that is not true. It’s a conflict of interest between people who want to make the world a better place and those that believe the world will end soon because religion told them this.

Some religions apparently wanted to tell me the whole story upfront! Here’s the beginning with the first man, first woman, a whole lot of stuff in between, and then here’s the end. Nice and neat with a beginning and an end. Right?

No! Life is not that nice and neat! Life is challenging, difficult, wonderful, beautiful, and worthwhile. It is our responsibility to bring this wonderful world around to be a better place for everyone and all creatures great and small! How can the end be near? When the BEGINNING IS HERE!

If the end of days theory is NOT true, then what’s true (I believe) is that it’s our responsibility to heal the planet and turn our path around. I believe that in our spiritual growth we are understanding what our mission is. We have spiritual guidance and the word of God is in our hearts!

~ Nicholas Michael Evans