There was the time back in 2003 when in the Navy I was at this Mardi Gras celebration they had down in Waikiki. I was standing in line to get in talking with one of my friends. Laughing and carrying on when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pinch right on my butt. I said hey! It kind of startled me. I looked at my friend and said did you just pinch my butt? He said no. So I turned around and saw this tall beautiful young lady smiling back at me. Immediately I turned around and turned red. I have always been really shy. And I have never had a woman I didn’t know grab my butt. So I didn’t say anything. I wish I had. But now I think what would I have said? I’m a much more mature man now. Back then 20 years ago I was clueless.

Listen I want to say something here and that is I think we have put too much importance on sex. Sex is important, don’t get me wrong but I feel like today we have placed sex too high in the importance scale. We want to score and get laid, get it on, and so forth. But what about Romance? A kiss on the hand? A ballroom dance. Or any kind of dance? It seems we get to thinking about sex so much, all those romantic things get pushed aside. It seems truly getting to know your romantic partner loses its importance when sex becomes so important. I have multiple sclerosis, the primary progressive kind. I’m unable to walk now unassisted. I have to use a walker and my mobility is very limited. When I think about what I like to do if I had my physical ability back I think I would like to dance. I would just like to dance with a young lady. All-over the ballroom as best I could spin and twirl her around. That’s why I would want my legs back, to dance.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans