“It will never happen.” and  “why should we?”

These are some of the responses I’ve had when asking people about the prospect of World Peace.

Let’s discuss the first part, “It will never happen.”

First off, we don’t know that World Peace will never happen. Because everything is subject to change and I believe we as a species can learn from our mistakes. And also to just say it will never happen is a very pessimistic downtrodden viewpoint. When I believe it is positivity and hope that we need right now. We do not know the future but I think a healthy attitude with positivity. And hope can lead us in the right direction. If we are going to have World Peace. I believe it will involve everyone and everyone should be on the same page.

Now the second part. “Why should we?”

To begin with, think about this sentence. Why should we have World Peace?

There are a lot of reasons why we should have World Peace. First off I want to say I believe that it has a lot to do with our mission in life. The mission for everyone. Everyone’s Collective mission. Other reasons I believe have to do with our spiritual progress. We as a species I believe under a more peaceful world can be elevated to a new Spiritual level unseen before. And I believe a lot of things will become better understood. Humbleness empathy kindness love and generosity among others will be much better understood. And family friendship being there for one another and romance finding love.

History shows that humans have explored aggressiveness, destruction, pillaging, plundering, and conquering other nations. Some people say this is just part of human behavior, but what about the other parts of human behavior? Such as kindness, generosity, and love.

Do we believe humans as a species cannot grow past these destructive behaviors? I do not believe so. Because I believe in humans. And I believe we can learn from our mistakes.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans