The Amazon rainforest is burning. The Amazon rainforest is like the world’s air conditioner trapping carbon dioxide inside its trunks. When the trees burn they release that CO2 back into the atmosphere.

Jeff Bezos is the CEO of and is one of the richest people in the world. And the company has taken the same name as the Amazon rainforest in South America. If we do nothing now, the Amazon will completely burn down forever changing our environment and the world! Jeff Bezos, you have the money and the ability to save the Amazon rainforest and more!

What will Mr. Bezos call his company if the Amazon rainforest burns down? He can’t call it Amazon anymore if there is no more Amazon!

I think Jeff Bezos chose the name Amazon for his company for a reason. I think the Earth chose Jeff Bezos to save the Amazon rainforest. Because Mr. Bezos after all it is in your best interest and involves the Earth’s interests for you too save the Amazon rainforest. So please Jeff Bezos save the Amazon rainforest. Save your companies namesake!

~ Nicholas Michael Evans