God/Goddess did not tell their children, all the people of Earth what our mission is on purpose. This way we can Figure out what to do “on our own” follow our hearts and grow spiritually. learning to be the people we were always meant to be.  Fully capable of taking care of the Earth and each other. This is our opportunity to learn the language of our god/goddess-given spirit, follow our hearts, truly learn the meaning of that which is sacred and most dear to our hearts.

Just like a parent allows their child to learn something on their own (with support), God/Goddess allows their children, the people of Earth, to learn what to do on their own, with spiritual guidance. Just like a parent gives their children guidance in learning something new so too does God/Goddess give us guidance, spiritual guidance.

Sometimes you have to first get it wrong to then get it right and we have been getting it wrong for a long time. Not everyone, I’m talking about those who cause war or are involved in the making of war “in any way” if you are, you “are not” following the spirit because God/Goddess does not condone war.

We should be nice as we grow spiritually. Even though we’re learning that some things are wrong and we’re gonna have to rethink this whole thing, so what. That just means we can take it down a notch, clean our chalkboards, and come back to the table to talk about what we need to do. We must do so in a peaceful manner. I grew up celebrating the religious tradition of Christianity. Christianity first introduced me to the idea of heaven, God, Goddess, and the angels. Religion is an important part of our culture. We should be thankful for and be respectful of all religions. And we should be proud of our religions. All they have done and all they are doing now is remarkable and beautiful. Humanitarian Aid many religions are involved in is incredibly important for our world. We should treat “all” religions with dignity and respect. It is not religion. For the way things are today. And any wars that have happened. It is the fault of people. And the way people See and use religion. It is my hope. That we open our minds. Remove the veil over our eyes. To see clearly what is going on in the world? We are in a new era. Let’s turn the page and learn what it means to be kind. Learn our true nature one of kindness, respect, and love.

I have a positive attitude. Always have. I believe in people. I really don’t think we give ourselves enough credit.

I believe in God/Goddess, the heavens, and I believe We Are All Sons and Daughters of god and goddess. So then, of course, I believe in people. Because the people of the Earth Are the children of the heavens of which I have a steadfast belief. We’ve been knocked off course. I have spoken about it. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of the heavens. Of god and goddess. The spirit of goodness Love and those things sacred. But we should be aware. That there is a negative presence. The opposite of those things is sacred and good. An evil presence. We need to be aware of this evil presence. So we can be “spirituality smart” well-rounded humans. God will protect us and the Holy Spirit will protect us from the negative.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans