The dream started in a big house, with high vaulted ceilings and wood paneling throughout the house. It was an open floor plan, and very beautiful. There were many people moving all around the house. There was a staircase that people were moving up and down. I saw my grandfather sitting down at a table, I walked by him and said “Hello Grandfather”, it was really nice to see him because he had passed away many years before. I looked towards the kitchen and saw my grandmother, standing next to the refrigerator. I walked up to her and gave her a hug. My grandpa and grandma looked exactly how I remembered them, and the dream was so real like they were really there. In the next part of my dream, I met a young woman who looked to be about 18 or 19 years of age. She had black braided hair and dark skin. I would describe her as being Native American in appearance. She said, “Follow me.”

I was immediately interested in what she had to show me, so I said “Sure” and we walked out of the front door.

Upon walking outside, I noticed it was a very small town, and you could call it a small village, dusty and hot. I walked with her to where a pile of wheat was lying on the ground. She walked up to the pile of wheat, took some wheat from her pocket, and threw it on the pile in front of her.

The dream ended there, and this is where I woke up. When I woke up, I had thought about what the dream meant to me. One thing I thought about was, why did the young woman take wheat from her pocket and add it to the pile in front of her? I think she must have been trying to show me something, and what I think she was trying to show me was to give back to the earth, because she took a handful of wheat from her pocket and added it to the larger pile of wheat that was on the ground. She gave what she had back to the earth.

Seeing my grandparents in the dream was astonishing, they both looked exactly how I remembered them, and the house we were in was all wood paneling all around and the house gave a very natural, earthly feeling. So, to me the overall message of the dream was “Of the Earth”. It gave me the feeling of responsibility for the environment and giving back equal to what the Earth provides for me.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans
Edited by Brittany Lee Marshall