Why do I believe my book is meant to be written? The reason is because of all the experiences I’ve had in my life. I’m going to speak about some of those experiences on this blog. Some experiences I had in the last few years. Some of what I’m going to share are dreams I’ve had as well. These dreams, of which I’ve had several, are heaven-sent. There is a reason I had these dreams and I believe I had these dreams to tell people about them. I will start by describing one of the dreams here:

The dream started out in the driveway of a suburban Southern California home. This was a small three-bedroom home much like the one I grew up in. There was a car parked in the driveway with a man standing next to it. In the dream, I walked closer to the car to get a better look. It was backed into the driveway with the hood up. Upon looking up close, I noticed it was my first car! It was the 95 Honda Civic that I drove for many years. In the dream, it was shiny and brand new and the engine looked perfect. “It looks really good,” I told the man standing next to the car. He said, “Thank you. They’re waiting for you inside.” Interested, I asked, “Who’s waiting for me? ” The man replied, “You’ll see.” I followed his direction and made my way towards the entrance of the house. There were two steps leading up to the porch and the front door was wide open. I walked inside. I did not shut the door behind me. I just left the door open. Walking inside, I looked to my right. There in front of me was a living room and I could see two young women sitting at either end of a coffee table. I walked closer to the table and stood in the middle with one of the women to my right and one to my left. The woman angel on my right said, “Sit down and give me your hand.” I listened, sat down and slowly gave her my hand. I could feel her hand in mine. Then she said, “Let’s pray.” So, I closed my eyes and prayed.

You may be asking, what did I pray about? I prayed for understanding, to understand how I got there. And it was during our prayer that my right hand, the hand that was holding the woman angel’s hand, started to tingle. Then, my entire arm went numb. I let go of her hand and held my arm up. I explained, “My arm is going numb.” It was precisely that moment that I woke up and noticed I had a small pillow underneath my right arm that was cutting off the circulation and causing my arm to go numb.

I removed the pillow so the circulation could return to my arm and I just lay in bed thinking how wonderful the dream was. I didn’t feel anything at first. It just felt like any other morning. Then, something came over me and I most definitely felt it. The feeling I felt was the Holy Spirit. It was the most beautiful and peaceful feeling I have ever felt. I can describe it as feeling very clean and serene. Even though I have never felt this way before, it felt very natural. It was something I felt in my spirit. It was the Holy Spirit.

I have had other heaven-sent dreams that I will describe but wanted to start with this dream because I think it’s a good starting point. I believe that the two women in the dream and the man standing next to my car were all angels. I know this is true. And I know this was a heaven-sent dream. Why would my car be in the dream? I think it was the angels’ gesture to show me that they knew me, and maybe it was to make me feel comfortable by putting something familiar to me in the dream.

Maybe they are my guardian angels. Maybe we all have guardian angels. Maybe we all have dreams sent from heaven. I think that we do. I think this is the way the heavens communicate with us. I think heaven-sent dreams are a lot more common than we think.

Why am I having these dreams now? I think it’s to relay a message. I believe the message is that we need to heal the Earth. Our job is to heal the Earth. This will be one of the main topics in my blog. Humans need to heal the Earth. It is all of our jobs as people of Earth to renew her. It’s a BIG job so let’s get started!

What I Felt in my Dream

I sensed the Holy Spirit, in full, and on that morning, I knew by a sense that the Holy Spirit was within me, but this sense was not intellectual, so it wasn’t something my mind was making up.

And it wasn’t physical, so it isn’t something that can be described by physical means.

But since I can remember it I know my mind knew what had happened. It’s as if something within me or perhaps from outside of me, became, only momentarily, for about a minute. It was like the feeling of being clean, I felt a glow all around me, keep in mind it was not in a physical sense that I knew this was happening, it was spiritual.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans