I grew up in the Christian faith. I know there are many different faiths and cultures around the world, and I have always been very curious to learn as much about them as I possibly can. One day I wondered to myself what the Muslim religion was, and what it was like at a Muslim Mosque. So, that night I had a dream that I was standing in front of a Mosque.  Two young men, who were dressed in very nice suits, greeted me at the front door and led me to my seat. I walked in following the two men. They showed me to my seat, somewhere in the middle of the Mosque. There were long rows of seats that kind of resembled pews in a church, and every seat was taken, the mosque was full. On the stage there was a podium with a man standing there, dressed very formal, and he began to give his lesson. As he began to speak, I began to fall asleep in my dream. A man next to me budged me with his elbow and said “Hey wake up!”, I woke up in my dream and said, “Sorry I was dozing off there.” The man at the front continued to speak, then when he finished, he said “That completes our lesson, and now we dance”! When he said the word dance he clapped his hands together once while music started playing. The music sounded very beautiful! I would describe it as Arab flute music. All of the people stood up and started walking toward a space in the Mosque where before, there was no space. A wall seemed to have disappeared in the Mosque, and left a big open space. I followed all of the people outside, outside it was beautiful, rolling green hills as far as you could see, beautiful blue skies, and everyone was dancing, men, woman and even children were dancing to the flute music playing. The woman wore beautiful, vibrant dresses, the men and the children were dressed very nice as well. Everyone was smiling, happy, laughing, and having a good time.

I then woke up feeling very happy myself. I thought about the wall disappearing, and the man at the front telling everyone to dance, the music playing, and what it all meant. First off for an entire wall to disappear is something to take note here. I think that represents open-mindedness, so open that an entire wall was removed, and we should look at what was beyond the wall, the beautiful rolling green hills, the big blue skies, and all of the people walking and dancing outside, seeming so happy. Is this a look at how life could be if we were all a little more open-minded? There are many religions and faiths throughout the world, and they are all wonderful and a part of our cultures. Another very important part of this dream, are the beautiful rolling, green hills. I think this signifies the Earth, and how important the Earth is to all of us. For no matter what culture, you come from we all live on Earth. Earth is all of our homes, and taking care of Earth is in all of our best interests, and will benefit everyone.  I do think this was a look at the future, and the way things could be if we all work together, because only together can we save the earth.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans
Edited by Brittany Lee Marshall