In our world, there is a richness of diversity. diversity flourishes and, no two individuals are alike. It isn’t too far a venture to say that our diversity brings variety and variety makes everything more enjoyable. I don’t think that’s what I mean to debate here. Everyone knows that we are all different from each other. And so, in considering all that is different, let us consider what is the same. Physically our bodies are the same. What about what’s inside? Everyone has the same heart, lungs, sweat glands, muscle.

But what else? Well, let’s consider the heart. Everyone has one. Which makes you a living, breathing, individual just like anyone else. But what else makes us similar? The ability to love. And this ability everyone has had and if lost everyone has the ability to have again. That is a part of us that never goes away. Everyone was a baby at one time, we were all held, shown tenderness and love, but some seem to have forgotten those days, the simple days.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans