The summer of 2000 was a fun, hot, incredible season. At the time, I had a girlfriend, and she and I had a large group of friends we would hang out with. On many weekend nights we would go out to see a movie then afterward we would go to an all-night diner to eat. This particular night I’m speaking of there were about 10 people in the group. Now this year was especially “magical” to begin with and my group of friends were really into “spiritual” types of things in a spiritual sense, so what I’m about to describe defies explanation, but I will describe it as best I can.

 We had finished watching the film and had gone to the same diner we always went to. We had just been seated, menus were passed around. When from behind me a waitress placed a plate in front of me. It was a small plate, meant for some appetizers or something, but at the moment it was simply an empty plate, and it was that action of the server placing the plate down in front of me that caused a reaction in me. As soon as I looked down at the plate I felt it [. This overwhelming feeling of déjà vu. I’ve had Deja vu before but not like this, this was so much more intense. I had this sudden feeling of euphoria, I started breathing heavy and I blanked for just a second. My girlfriend asked me, “are you ok” “I think I just had déjà vu” I said.

What had caused this Deja vu? I was completely relaxed at the time, I can’t say it was excitement or something. I have a few theories.

  1. There are two types of déjà vu. One is primary déjà vu and this deals with things that have happened in this life. Things you’ve seen, done, heard, experienced, etc…
  2. And the other is secondary déjà vu. This deals with things you have not experienced in this life, but in another life.

It could be déjà vu relating to a previous life in this world or in another dimension.

Maybe when we have Deja vu, it is actually 2 dimensions aligning so perfectly, in just such a way as to give you a sense of Deja vu. Imagine if there were hundreds of dimensions and within these dimensions are worlds exactly like ours, and within these worlds are people, and these people between dimensions from world to world are the same for the most part.  existing precisely as you are today, but with subtle differences across these dimensions. In each dimension it is you but perhaps with a different job, dreams, aspirations, friends.

The entire world can be different in one dimension or things can be relatively close to how life is for you today. And, like a clock, the second-hand goes through all these many dimensions of yourself, quite naturally and quite fluidly, until there comes a moment in time that is so like a moment in another dimension, so similar in fact that you feel it deep down in your bones, that you’ve felt this before, but not just you in this life, but you in another dimension. It’s like if 2 clocks from all these hundreds of dimensions run at the same time, if only for those few seconds, but in those few seconds, the clocks pause for just a second, and for just a second the 2 dimensions are aligned, causing the feeling of Deja vu. So, you did do that thing before, but in another dimension. In one dimension maybe you’re rich, famous, a doctor, rock star, poet, teacher, traveler. But all the while it’s still you. 

A Theoretical View of Deja Vu in this Theory there is two kinds of Deja vu, primary and secondary Deja vu. Primary Deja vu occurs when you have Deja vu pertaining 2 events, sights, sound feelings, etc. Happening in this world in this dimension. This feeling of Deja vu is much less intense in nature. The second kind of Deja vu is secondary Deja vu. This kind of Deja vu pertains to events, sights, sounds, feelings etc. Aligning between two or more dimensions of the same world between the same person. This is called Deja vu and the previous life current life or your life within another dimension Theory. It is this feeling of Deja vu that is our connection between these different realms or simply between yourself on this Earth in this time.

I want to look at the varying degrees of the feeling of Deja vu we can get. Sometimes the feeling of Deja vu is very slight and hardly noticeable. I believe this sort of Deja vu to happen with you on this Earth and this time. And sometimes the Deja vu we experience is very intense and as felt throughout your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet! I know because I have experienced this kind of Deja vu. It feels like all of the other times I’ve had Deja vu except much more intense! This heightened sense of Deja vu possibly is a connection between you from a previous life on this Earth or a connection between two or more dimensions. Within each dimension there is an earth and there is you and if you do the same action, have the same experience, no matter how great or insignificant this experience is, you may feel Deja vu. This experience could be between 1, 2, 100 or more What is important here is the feeling felt. I believe we as humans need to get in touch with our feelings. And I believe Deja vu is one thing guiding us towards that understanding. In the simplest most basic sense Deja Vu can be seen as a language of the heart. I think we can all benefit from understanding this unspoken language a little better.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans
Edited by Brittany Lee Marshall