We Must stop crop dusting! We have been spraying chemicals on our fruits and vegetables since 1921. To learn more about Monsanto and Round Up watch this video on YouTube.

Stop putting chemicals on our produce! The runoff ends up in the soil and it is killing our soil! The soil is a living thing! Monsanto also is known as Roundup, is killing our soil! There are mushrooms fungus and fungi in the soil. It’s a very diverse ecosystem beneath the soil. Mushrooms and fungus help the roots of plants to get oxygen and water and nutrients and your chemical, Roundup, is putting stress on the delicate balance. Also, Roundup chemicals have been linked to cancer such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma. There are lawsuits about cancer-causing chemicals from Roundup currently in the courts.

Roundup has already been shown by scientific evidence to cause cancer. But what else can Roundup be the cause of? Many people have seen then there is illness never before or very seldom seen before. Such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, ALS, or Lou Gehrig syndrome, along with many other neurodegenerative diseases. It is just speculation, but what if the introduction of crop dusting to our food and the increased of neurodegenerative diseases is no coincidence but directly linked? Could there be a connection? And if there is a connection, we need to stop chemical farming and go back to natural farming. And get back to nature. I want us to read and think about the quote below. I’m not sure who exactly came up with this, it’s my understanding this is a philosophical thought shared amongst cultures from around the world.

“Humankind suffers from too much civilization. We are happiest when we’re living in accordance with nature.” – Ancient philosophical thought 500 b.c.e. or earlier.

How is it that the ancient people could have this insight into living in accordance with nature when things already were in accordance with nature? Or maybe we were much more simple and less complicated than today. Maybe because when things are simple it’s easy to see when more civilization or industrialization takes place. One can look at a glass of water. The clean clear water can represent the time of the Ancients here. Take one drop of food coloring and the difference is easily recognized.

Let’s think about what the ancients meant by too much civilization. I think they may have meant too much fighting, war, pollution, and the suffering that war causes. This is getting away from nature and is an unfortunate part of today’s world. War was also a part of the ancient philosophers’ time in 500 BCE.

I hope we start thinking about the Earth and what she needs. What can we do to revive, replenish, and restore the Earth? I believe one day we will learn to live in accordance with nature and restore the Earth. We have to learn to get along with all the other cultures because we’re all headed to the same destination so “Don’t Rock the Boat”.

Thank you and God bless.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans