The most important aspect of my life is my dreams, which I will discuss more in detail throughout PeaceBook. This might sound a little ridiculous to some because a dream is just a dream, right? Well, as I have experienced, dreams are not always just dreams. Sometimes, a dream is sent to you from heaven, God, Goddess and the angels. What for? I believe, for guidance, encouragement, comfort, and love. To send us a signal ” we are not alone” ” take heart and be confident in yourself.

I have had spiritual, heaven-sent dreams my entire life. I had my first celestial dream when I was 6 years old back in 1984. At the time, I didn’t know I was having dreams sent from heaven, I do now. You might be wondering why the heavens are sending us dreams? Well for guidance, and I believe this to be the way the heavens communicate with us. If the heavens were to show up and start talking to you in person you might get a little freaked out. But if the heavens send us a message within a dream, that’s much more gentle, far less disturbing. A dream can be about anything that needs to be shown at the time and has an infinite number of possibilities.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans