A lot of people say religion has caused Wars.

When I think about whether religion in itself has been the cause of wars I immediately think no it isn’t. The way I see it, it is people that caused wars, not religion. It is People that have used religion to start wars. It is people not religion that has started Wars. These people have used religion placing the blame on and using religion to incite false passion and a false fervor 2 wants to go to war under false pretenses. God or religion never directed these wars but the real reason was to further the agenda of the powers that be. It was a human’s desire 4 power, never a religious War. These wars were a human’s desire for money, power, and ETC…

It’s not the religion’s fault. It’s people who are to blame for the wars we had to endure. There is nothing wrong with religion. The only thing wrong with religion is the way we view religion, many people view religion as being the word of God. Religion’s not the word of God. Look at all the good things religion does. Religion is a source of hope and inspiration for people all over the world. A source of food clothing shelter socializing Community organization Town Hall town planning

We should keep positive looking at what is good. What is following the spirit? We should be focusing on what is true and good not on what is false and negative. We have come so far and have learned so much over the years. Some might say our learning has taken a huge leap since the invention of the computer and for that, I’m going to have to agree. But while our brains are you getting smarter I believe our spiritual quotient is becoming higher than it’s ever been before. And why is this? I believe it is because we’re embarking on a new era of human development that includes Spiritual Development. And I believe Spiritual Development will bring us closer to God and goddess our parents in heaven. This is what I believe. And also I believe this will bring us closer to the understanding of our purpose in life, our mission in life, and our essence. I believe we will come to a greater understanding of ourselves those around us and the heavens above us. I believe there is a purpose for all our lot. We share this need to open our hearts and Minds pray and meditate about it and the most beautiful understanding will show itself to you.

~ Nicholas Michael Evans