We should have a well-rounded spiritual education. Just like in school we learn a wide range of subjects. So too our spiritual life should be well educated. Meaning we should know the difference between good and bad, love and hate, learn to have empathy for others and the world around us. We should know what love Is and understand how important love is. Though we should have a full spiritual life understanding the good, the bad and everything in between. We should keep in mind we have a mission, We have on Earth to save. It’s our job. I have said this before and but leave it to be true. And in repairing the Earth we should feel a sense of duty and responsibilities and also we should feel guilty conflicted about this state of our home planet. I think it would only be natural to feel that way. But in these conflicted feelings we should not lash out or resort to a futile senseless way. We have seen what violence does to us and this world. We should be thinking about the Earth. What are her needs? If we were to become more spiritually smart wouldn’t it only help the Earth?

~ Nicholas Michael Evans