Finally, a place for PEACE.
Let’s discuss ideas, life and what
tomorrow’s world could be.

Painting Credit: “Above and Below” by Riva Brown.

PeacePage is about dreams,
worldly philosophy, humans as one,
and helping the planet.

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See what our users are talking about. This is a safe place for peace and collaboration so we can work together and move our world forward.

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We are rich in cultures and that is the kind of richness we need. Let’s enjoy and respect what this vast world of culture has to offer.

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Current Events

Enjoy our section dedicated to news, politics, and all current affairs as they relate to our community and the world as a whole.

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Dreams are amazing. Dive into interpreation and thoughts on dreams.

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The actual physical work of “fixing” the earth is up to us. Together as a whole, we can change the world.

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Food around the world, what we consume, and what new farming practices such as chemical farming mean for our Earth, our way of life and our health.

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Love, a feeling, a desire, something sacred, something true. Let’s talk about love and romance, and what love means to you.

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Philosophy - Old and New

A look into the purpose of life and our world with old and new theories in philosophy.

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There are many theologies throughout the world, and all are integral in understanding ourselves the heavens and our place in the universe.

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You matter. Your future is what you make it, so make it a good one
for the planet, world, peace, love, our animals, the environment,
spirituality, life and our children.